Sensor Networks

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A sensor network is a computer network of many, spatially distributed devices using sensors to monitor conditions at different locations, such as temperature, sound, vibration, pressure, motion or pollutants. These devices are usually small and inexpensive so that they can be produced and deployed in large numbers, and so their resources in terms of energy, memory, computational speed and bandwidth are tightly constrained.

Sensor networks involve three areas: sensing, communications, and computation (hardware, software, algorithms).

Sensor networks are applied in a wide variety of areas, such as video surveillance, traffic monitoring, air traffic control, robotics, cars, home and health monitoring and manufacturing and industrial automation.

Eminent Microsystems offers a complete range of products and services specifically designed to meet the system development requirements for the Sensor market. Our distinctive Embedded Software framework (ESF) is a selection of optimized embedded software libraries designed with abstraction architecture to provides an efficient method of developing and managing embedded projects and systems. ESF also allows legacy software components to be easily linked into new system development for incredible flexibility and greatly reduced time to market.